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A well-kept lawn boosts your curb appeal, increases the value of your property, and creates a great first impression. To maintain a beautiful lawn, you need to care for it all year round. This requires effort, time, and money. The right skills are also crucial, but many property owners overlook this part. It’s possible to keep your lawn watered, weeded, and mowed yet fail to maintain its health. If you’re not sure how to keep your lawn evergreen, you can look up the ‘best lawn care providers near me’ for expert help.

At Promise Landscaping LLC, we have skilled and experienced technicians who offer homes and businesses in Keller TX lawn care services throughout the year. Our company is insured and licensed to provide top-of-the-line services in Keller TX, protecting our clients from liability in case of accidents.

Lawn Care Basics We Provide

At Promise Landscaping, our lawn care services range from the most basic to advanced options. Whether you need lawn care in Keller TX, on a commercial or residential property, our basic services are essential for the health of your grass.

Lawn care basics include keeping the grass neat and healthy, maintaining other features in the landscape, repairs where necessary, and applying the right products at the right time. To keep the grass healthy, we mow, reseed, fertilize, and perform other essential practices.

Each of these activities should be done at the appropriate time to guarantee great results. Based on the condition of your lawn, our professionals will determine when the best time is to carry out each task.

Reseeding and fertilizing keep your lawn thick and green. Fertilizer delivers crucial nutrients to allow the roots to grow deeper and the blades to look greener. Adequate nutrient supply makes tufts more resilient to diseases and bad weather.Applying fertilizer is a delicate activity that can either boost your lawn’s health or lead to issues such as yellow or brown grass. The wrong kind of fertilizer or even too much of it can sabotage your lawn maintenance efforts, but our professionals are trained to identify the suitable options for each landscape. Reseeding helps grow grass in areas where there are empty patches or thin coverage.



Besides caring for the grass, we also maintain other landscape features. These include flower gardens, lighting, pavements, and trees. We are one of the premier Keller landscaping companies that provide unexcelled services involving more than the grass because we know your lawn will look better when all features are well-maintained.

Additional landscape features are important for breathtaking lawn designs. Our landscape installations and maintenance services help businesses attract customers while making residential lawns more fun and enjoyable.

At Promise Landscaping, we offer long-term care strategies that enable us to give you the lawn you’ve always wanted. Lawn care is an ongoing service that shouldn’t be overlooked during any time of the year. We're happy to work with our clients for an extended period in order to closely track the progress of the lawn and apply suitable solutions.

Lawn Care Professionals You Can Trust

When looking for the ‘best landscaping near me,' it’s essential to make a list of the services you’re expecting beforehand. This will guide you in narrowing down your search to companies that can offer what you need. At Promise Landscaping, we’re a full-service Keller TX lawn care company. Once we start working on your lawn, you won’t need to seek additional services from other lawn care companies in Keller, Texas. Contact Promise Landscaping LLC for a free quote: 406-740-0422.