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Landscaping Maintenance Fort Worth TX

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Can you remember the last time you did maintenance on your property ground? How often do you water it, and what kind of products do you use on it? How you treat your grounds determines how it will turn out. The right practices will leave you with a green, thick, and healthy grounds void of weeds, pests, or diseases. Inappropriate care measures, on the other hand, lead to unhealthy grass in dire need of nourishment. You can take time to learn everything you should about maintaining your property, but hiring a professional is a better course of action.

At Promise Landscaping LLC, we offer unsurpassed landscaping maintenance services service in Fort Worth TX. We serve clients looking for ‘the best landscaping maintenance service providers near me’ and ensure their grounds are always in tip-top condition.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services

Your property ground deserves maintenance for as long as it exists. Our landscaping maintenance in Fort Worth includes services such as mowing, core aeration, weed spraying, dethatching and tree services. Mowing keeps the grass at a height that supports its health while also promoting its appearance. Grass that’s too long is unsightly, provides a hiding place for pests, and promotes the spread of fungus.

Core aeration boosts the penetration of air, nutrients, and water to the grass roots. It allows roots to grow deeper, resulting in healthier grass. Aeration is crucial for grounds that are used often since they suffer most from soil compaction that minimizes the movement of air, water, and nutrients.


Dethatching involves the removal of dead plant material from the surface of the lawn. A bit of these materials acts as mulch that conserves soil moisture, while too much blocks drainage and provides a breeding ground for pests.

Removing weeds allows grass to receive maximum sunlight, water, and nutrients. There are many weed removal methods, and our technicians are trained on the latest for hassle-free landscaping maintenance.

Besides landscaping maintenance, we also offer landscaping services. Landscaping services are ideal for your entire compound. Our landscaping services include growing plants, flowers, shrubs, and constructing walkways to add to the appeal of your property.

Our Hardscaping and Tree Care Services

Our other service area is hardscaping. For this, we install and maintain landscape materials made of wood, concrete, stone, and other hard materials. Our technicians construct these features from scratch to meet the expectations of our clients. Not many Fort Worth landscaping companies can match the level of expertise we provide.

As one of the finest landscaping maintenance companies in Fort Worth, we also offer tree care services. When left alone, trees can affect the growth of your grounds, host pests, or die from diseases. In addition, overgrown tree branches pose a safety risk if they grow too close to your customers belongings like their vehicles.

Keep Your Property Beautiful

With our landscaping services in Fort Worth TX, you’ll always look forward to seeing your beautiful, transformed property grounds. So, if you’re searching for the 'best landscaping maintenace near me,' we are your go-to experts. Our services are not only unexcelled but also affordable and reliable. Contact Promise Landscaping LLC for a free quote: 817-909-9725.

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