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Homeowners have many choices when considering the installation and maintenance of the landscape. They can opt for the basic design and installation service or a complete service package that maintains a consistent pruning program. Most people who value quality and excellence will opt for the full-service landscaping package because it offers additional perks.

What is complete service landscaping?

The package includes designing, installing, and maintaining the property, so it has a continuous healthy and luscious appeal. It is the best way to enjoy their space without the headache and hassle of buying equipment and clearing time off a busy schedule. Westlake landscaping companies look at everything a complete service landscaping project offers so you can find a solution with spectacular results of a well-tended landscape.

Services of a complete lawn Care in Westlake

Waste removal

Commercial clients that want to install a garden may have to begin by removing waste like construction materials, soil, trash, and appliances from the scene. A residential client may need landscaping services to remove fall debris and snow that obstructs plant growth as winter dies off.


Fertilization and pest control requires a professional from Promise Landscaping and enough time to study the soil and plants.



The time-consuming process offers a range of services, including weed prevention and trimming. Other vital maintenance routines include watering, pruning, and tree removal.

Seasonal decoration

Many landscaping companies are busy when holidays are close because both commercial and residential clients want decorations on their gardens. There is no shame in contacting Promise Landscaping to set up a spooky garden décor or trim the trees to express the Christmas spirit.


Design and installation

Installing a new garden requires your total attention investment. Do not choose any lawn installers because they will determine how space looks and performs for a long time. Best lawn care providers near me offer a 3D design landscaping service that offers the most significant awe-inspiring result. Are 3D landscapes better than 2D?

3D designs allow one to do so much more, including the following:

  • You can easily understand our vision for your space

  • The design will include visuals of how the lawn will look during the day and night

  • It is easy to identify potential issues in faulty designs

  • Easy overall satisfaction because you can satisfy the final product before it takes shape

Cost of 3D landscape designs

The 3D model is a great visual that will save time and money in the end. The actual cost of designing a lawn depends on the size and design. We will communicate all the factors that affect the total cost of the process, including revisions of the design if you choose a different location after completing the initial design. Our lawn care companies in Westlake will be glad to meet you to have a full breakdown of how you can prepare for the Westlake landscaping project.

Our team has an established timeline and guide on all the above services for the best landscaping near me. We are always ready to give you a free quote and consultation of related services when you call 817-909-9725 today.

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