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The quest for perfect, ever-green grass is a pursuit that never ends for millions of property owners. A well-manicured property grounds gives the owner a sense of pride and could be an investment if you decide to sell the property. Here are landscaping tips for an emerald green property ground throughout the seasons.

5 Tips For Landscaping in Southlake

1. Water Deeply

Water your grounds deeply early in the morning to get better results. Instead of watering daily, choose a day to water your grounds for an extended period. Deep watering allows the water to soak deeply into the soil, promoting drought-resistant roots. Lack of water will cause your grounds to lose its bounce and change its color. 

2. Add Fertilizer

Apply fertilizer at least twice a month for the lushest yard. The applications can be made at the beginning and the end of the summer period. This gives your grass the nutrients it requires before the growing season begins. The type of fertilizer needed depends on the weather condition and existing soil in your location.


3. Mow High

Cutting your grass too short can cause more harm than good. According to landscaping companies in Southlake, the grass is likely to burn during hotter climates if cut too short. Tallgrass blades develop a deep roots system for finding water underground. In addition, the soil gets shade from the tall grass blades, reducing the frequency of watering.

4. Remove the Weeds

Please get rid of the weeds using a weed killer or by digging them out at the roots. Do not use a fertilizer with weed killer if your grass grows next to a tree, flowers, or shrubs. Weed killers mainly target broadleaf plants.

5. Aerating

An aerating machine works perfectly on soils that are damp but not soaked. The machine punches small holes for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the grassroots.

Reseeding and Over Seeding Bare Patches

Your property grounds may start looking old or tired with time. Thin spots in the turf can be a result of kids playing on the property or pet urine. Overseeding and reseeding tired and bald spots will revitalize your grounds. The results will yield green grass that makes you happy.  

Do you need an immaculate property grounds but do not want to put in the physical effort and time doing so? Southlake landscaping companies will help you out.

Find the best landscaping near me in Southlake to avoid making mistakes that can further damage your property.

Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Companies in Southlake


1. Quality Work

Professional landscaping providers employ workers with a comprehensive understanding of soil, grass type, and irrigation to keep the property grounds healthy and beautiful. They also know how to handle landscaping problems, including bad spots, weed growth, and dead patches.

2. Save You Time

A professional landscaping provider frees you from the commitment to maintaining your property. You get to enjoy family time without breaking your back.

3. Avoid Damage

Investing in a landscaping professional business puts your grounds in the hands of experts. These companies also have insurance to cover accidents and damages.

Please Contact Promiseland Scaping LLC at 817-909-9725 for a free Quote.

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